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What is the Bermuda Triangle?

     After 27 years I could be immodest and say it is what I say it is. But I have achieved the dominance of the subject at hand by bringing the topic back to the public and not by bringing myself to the debate. I was educated in Logic, which requires that one’s conclusions are supported by the reasons they give. As such the Bermuda Triangle can only be two things:

       First, it is a geographic area of the Atlantic Ocean, though the name is certainly unofficial.

       Second, when people as “Do you believe in the Bermuda Triangle?” they mean do you believe in its enigma? This is to say, do you believe that more ships and aircraft mysteriously vanish in the Triangle more than any other place in the world?

     The answer to the question is: Yes. My documentation has proven it. But the documentation is not enough. Documentation has given us “Observe, Classify, Infer.” These are the first three skills in the 10 Process Skills of Scientific Inquiry. These 3 always follow in succession in all thought processes. It is impossible to break the sequence. It is at the 4th skill— Interpret— that everything goes awry. It is at this point where the theorizing begins. Thus it is as this point where all the opinions diverge.

     This should actually make the Triangle an enormous and intriguing adventure. Instead in the realm of public discourse the Triangle is locked in a dull narrative of pro or con? Pro or Con what? To believe or not believe in the enigma? I am 27 years beyond that, and after 18 years on the web and two books an entirely new generation is long beyond that formula. It is time to chip away at the Triangle’s enigma. It is time to dissect it and plunge ourselves into an adventure and mystery.

     In reality, it is a case to be investigated and presented. Any attorney will recognize “Observe, Classify, Infer” as the “Rules of Circumstantial Evidence.” Believe it or not, even lawyers are dependent on Logic. You can only make one inference upon a set of circumstances that can be established as facts. You can’t make inference upon inference, presumptive upon presumptive. The sensationalists and the debunkers are stuck in the world of layers of inference.

     But here and in my books I get to the data and from there explore the theories. In short my approach and view is this:

       The Bermuda Triangle is a tall and wide subject. It is not one man’s theory. It is much more than disappearances. If I can conjure an old Kodachrome image of a Flipper serial, investigators shod in Van tennis shoes facing high seas adventure but with enough mentality to appreciate the chords of ominous music when a derelict boat is found, when a pilot’s panicky voice crackles over the receiver about a weird object, of eyes that brighten with the prospects when they gaze through the kaleidoscope of dancing shallows at a cyclopean edifice, then I have served the subject well.

Welcome to living this adventure and conquering this mystery.

The “Triangle” in Maps

The Bermuda Triangle isn’t a triangle, and the first time the term was coined it was coined with the proviso “in and about this area” which is pretty broad. Many shapes have developed.

Orignaltriangle Sandersonvortice Sargasso
Spencerlimbo Fourtriangles MostAccurate Vorticemap

Classifying, Regionalizing, and Recent Events

Getting a grasp on the subject we can even regionalize types of mysteries and phenomena. Phenomena-regionalized-iconElectronic fog is reported only in certain areas, deserted boats aren’t all the same. In the Bahamas they are shipshape but a shambles in the heart or east of the Triangle.  Some strange derelicts are occurring along the Gold Coast.    

Axel Verlohr
Offshore Pergola

Offshore Pergola was found derelict (2015); Axel Verlohr missing. The catamaran was later vandalized or ransacked and found beached in Guyana. He had been sailing to the Leewards and Windwards from Cape Verde and then down to Trinidad.


Stunning disappearance: Anastacia left with 5 aboard to shark off Punta Mola, Cozumel, and vanished without trace. March 2016


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Maps of the Triangle

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