Some of the most fascinating theories that the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle have inspired are those regarding the lost civilization of Atlantis. Atlantis has come to mean more than the island civilization that Plato spoke about so long ago. It has come to symbolize mankindís search for their prehistory. Why did civilization as we know it begin only 5,000 years ago? Why did so much of early civilization strike us as quite advanced?
     There are 2 reasons why the disappearances in the Triangle have opened the door on this theory. One, some of the most enigmatic ruins underwater have been found there, and found around epicenters of electromagnetic anomalies. Two, a clairvoyant apparently seems to have predicted that the last portion of the lost civilization of Atlantis would be found in the area of the Bahamas. He also said it was a super-civilization of prehistory that was destroyed by its own misuse of natural electromagnetic power.
     This section explores the pros and cons of this theory.