Bermuda Triangle

Recasting Bigfoot

True Crime/Case Cold


   This section is devoted to the disappearance of aircraft. Those listed represent a wide range of bizarre and mysterious disappearances.  Many have vanished within sight of land, while on radar and while just about to touch down at runways. Others have vanished over shallow water. Some have been in radio communication, the pilot saying his equipment was acting erratic, or that a “weird object” was harassing them. Sometimes an unusual object was seen in the aftermath of a disappearance. On a few occasions a minor piece of debris was  found— in one case, containing an unexplained “magnetic particle.” One thing is the same for them all— they vanished without reason.

   The narratives are not compiled from “Saturday afternoon mystery magazine” reading or old books. All are based on official documentation, from the NTSB, Coast Guard, Air Force and Navy and many foreign archives. The evidence, gleaned by Gian J. Quasar over the last 23 years, has led to the first serious book to be published on the subject of the Bermuda Triangle in 25 years.