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Uncovering the Truth of Sasquatch Amidst the Hype of Bigfoot

   This is not a book about Bigfoot. It’s not a compilation of sightings out to prove the giant cone-headed legend of the forest exists. Rather it is a book that looks behind the folklore to uncover the facts . . .and not only the facts but the very first facts and evidence.

   Most people know that the modern legend of Bigfoot evolved out of the old Indian stories of the Sasquatch. But what most people do not know is that Sasquatch represented two tribes of primitive Indians that lived deep in the mountainous Saskahaua District of British Columbia. One tribe spoke something akin to the Douglas dialect. To the Indians they were giants. The irony, however, is that to the shorter races of the Pacific Northwest giant always meant 6 and a half feet tall.

   Anthropologists, sociologists and journalists have written books and chronicled sightings and endorsed footprints that depended on White Man’s mistake of thinking giant meant something  8 or 9 feet tall. But author Gian J. Quasar takes up the pen of an Historian for Recasting Bigfoot and exposes 50 years of modern myth. Seeking primary sources he discovers the actual footprint of the Sasquatch was preserved long before the hype of Bigfoot and popular myth. Following this true but radically different footprint he is able to build the image of the real Sasquatch and reveal the origins of the frightening “animal human” described in old frontier journals and Indian histories.



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   Despite 50 years of hype and hyperbole this is really the first book on the true Sasquatch. What underlies the bloated legend of Bigfoot is actually far more disturbing and intriguing than the popular myth-- disturbing because for 50 years “researchers” ignored the real footprint in order to chase their own created chimera; intriguing because there really was something startling to find. Recasting Bigfoot is both an exposé of Bigfootery and a search for the identity of both tribes of “Sasquatch men.”

   About the Author: Gian J. Quasar has become representative of Generation X and its search to uncover the truth of the great world mysteries that dominated their upbringing in the 1970s. In a genre where folklore and popular myth create reality he has distinguished himself by his serious approach and historian’s eye to uncover primary sources. He is acknowledged as the world authority on the Bermuda Triangle, having devoted the last 20 years to its research. In 2003 McGraw-Hill published his book Into the Bermuda Triangle. His book THEY FLEW INTO OBLIVION inspired a 2 hour NBC produced special and a Resolution in Congress sponsored by E. Clay Shaw.