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   UFOs are a convoluted, nasty subject that I try to avoid.  But in researching missing aircraft and the Bermuda Triangle one cannot help but come across some very unusual incidents. Branching out from here for comparative analysis one has to tackle other UFO reports.

   I have built up quite a dossier. My love for mysteries makes it inevitable that I should have an interest in this unusual phenomenon. But I have to clarify: I don’t associate with the UFO crowd. I don’t follow all the conspiracy theories and the pseudo-religious cults. More than anything they ruined what should be a very tangible and intriguing pursuit. As far as I am concerned Morris Jessup was the first victim of the occult and its twisting of the phenomenon. Believing that UFOs were an “insulated” physical phenomenon this astronomer became confused by all the “paranormal” rubbish that soon overwhelmed the topic. Largely disgraced, he eventually committed suicide.

     I also have a very old fashioned opinion and approach. I prefer “Flying Saucer” as a term. The term is in vogue again and UFOs are out. So for once I’m in fashion. The reemergence of the term flying saucer is quite good. People are getting back to the hardcore evidence. UFO can mean anything. Flying saucer is specific. And legitimate reports always describe them similarly. If they are real, then I would have Major Keyhoe’s point of view (and all other early researchers) that they are interplanetary or interstellar (by whatever means they come here).

   I believe in hardcore data and rational inference from this observed data. This is what captivated a world over 50 years ago. And this is what has been buried under the frivolous of expanding chapters of the ludicrous to hold readers’ interest in a cottage industry. Even if only one report of the thousands is real, even if the phenomenon has never gone beyond a single disc zooming through our atmosphere, it is an astounding occurrence. And it becomes vital to work back to that point to uncover if this has happened.    

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